A Sheep’s Tale

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New Site!



New Game

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Shlaptastically Assembled Indeed

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It all started with the Bass Line, like “Maayne, Its Nothin!”   Freestyled the hook & a couple verses, wrote the 3rd just to add that finish, & Walaahh!  I present to you The “Shlaptastic Freestyle” by SuNWhoa Love! A.K.A SuNWhoa The Black Samurai.  Hope you all enjoy the Video.  There is much more to come in Due Time so Be Patient.


The Circuit Live @ The Mint

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The Circuit Live @ The Mint, Tonight!  It’s Goin Down!

Come Check Us Out! Early.


Live From The Blu Monkey

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The Circuit Live On FUSE TV

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Check it out.

It’s gon be Dope.


God Bless.


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The Event Starts @ 9:00 PM, Performances Start @ 10:00

Hosted By The Mayne, Sina Tash, promoted by the King Weed Distributor in the West, NJWeedManPromotions.com

If you don’t know about the The Circuit Extravaganza by now, I really don’t know what to say, but its Comin Down Folks, Its Comin Down!

Peace 2 the other Dope Performers, Brother Shadrach, Anthony Kreed, & Karlos Farrar.

Its gon be a night to remember.  All the ingredient are in place, we just need yall to come cook wit ya kinfolk!

It’s Much Appreciated, see you there.